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Welcome to Adelup's website that hopes to inspire you about the possibilities that creative urban planning can bring to the future of cities.

Acknolwedgment of Country

Ngadlu tampinthi ngadlu Kaurna yartangka tikanthi.

About Adelup


Adelup was founded in 2019 by Henrik Hillerström who believes there is room for more creativity in the field of urban planning.

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I love maps and like to see the big-picture view of a place. This view enables me to easily identify things that can be improved, for example bus networks or cultural events.

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Urban design is a lot about creating harmony and a sense of place that aims at making a city unique. And what make the countries of the New World unique are their Indigenous cultures.

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We believe the cities of the future will use more natural building materials, like for example wood. We are also convinced that the noise levels in cities will decrease with solutions like noise-absorbing asphalts or silent cars.

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In the future, we think that people will live in slightly different ways than they do today. For example, there will be more community living and more people will seek out cities that energize them.

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Every City is Unique


The art of urban planning is about balancing to meet the needs of the population while at the same time making cities unique so that people don't feel like they're just another brick in the wall.

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