We believe that wood will become a far more important building material in the future. The reason for this are the exceptional qualities of wood, which is probably the most "high-tech" building material that exists.

Properly harvested and handled wood has the following properties:

  • Natural air conditioning
  • Breathing walls
  • Sound insulation
  • Earthquake resistance
  • Fire protection
  • Heat insulation
  • Healthy living environment
  • Radiation safety
  • Shorter construction times.

You can find more information about building with untreated massive wood on the Thoma company's website, one of the world leaders in wood construction. The photo to the right is a "trial living" room in the Bio Hotel Mattlihüs in southern Germany, built with Wood100 from Thoma (photo copyright Bio Hotel Mattlihüs,

Wood will no longer just be used to build one or two-storey chalets in the Alps. City structures of wood with up to 10 storeys have already been completed, and now a 350m wooden skyscraper is planned in Tokyo, see this article.


Sacred Geometry

The recent tragedy of the fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is a great opportunity for architects to dig out lost architectural knowledge on how to build monuments that stand for centuries or even millenia.

A great information source is The Golden Number website.

Another source is The Code documentary series on Netflix.

Why Sacred Geometry?

Simply because it's the geometry used by nature and when we build using the Golden Ratio/Golden Number in architecture, the buildings will have a similar calming effect as if you were out in nature.

The reason people are more stressed in cities than in nature is simply because of the difference in architecture.


Noiseless Cities

Being a hypersensitive person, I suffer more than most people from the noise in cities.

Maybe I should just move to the countryside? But I love all that cities have to offer and creative solutions will make our cities free from noise pollution in the future.

Some of these solutions are noise-absorbing asphalt, directional loudspeakers, noise-absorbing building materials like wood, new technologies for silent cars, trains, airplanes, machines. Yes, even coffee machines and vacuum cleaners...

Then, finally, we'll be able to enjoy the sound of silence, even in cities.

One major thing that sets Adelup apart from other urban planners is our transdisciplinary thinking. An example is a list of

Factors influencing on the quality of your sleep:

Some are easy fixes, many are not. Some factors influence some people, while for others it’s not a problem (e.g. drinking coffee or watching TV in the evening).

· Street noise / traffic

· Noisy neighbours

· Noisy appliances in room (air conditioning, fridge, etc.)

· Financial worries

· Relationships worries

· Other kinds of worries

· Not living in the right place/city/country (see Living page)

· Having the wrong career (lack of inner peace)

· Unhealthy/unnatural building materials of room/house (see Wood above)

· Unhealthy bed/mattress/pillows/duvet/blankets

· Bad feng shui in room (wrong furniture arrangement)

· Drinking coffee and/or alcohol in the evening

· Eating too much or too little before going to bed

· General lack of physical exercise

· Using bright computer screens 2h before bed (check ‘blue light filter’ for your device)

· Watching TV/videos/Internet before bed

· Reading negative news/tabloids

· Wrong room temperature (too hot/cold)

· Bad air flow in room

· Subjective feeling of safety about the place you live

· Amount of clutter, especially in the bedroom

· Taking a shower before going to bed

· Moon phase.